Discontinuation QuickBooks Desktop 2018 All Edition

QuickBooks 2018 Expired

QuickBooks Desktop 2018 End Of Life

Inuit has always been very clear about its QuickBooks discontinuation policy, which states that a software version will stop receiving important security updates and stop working with add-on services provided by the company after 3 years. This year, for instance, QuickBooks 2018 will expire and stop receiving these critical updates.

QuickBooks Discontinuation Policy

The official discontinuation policy states that QuickBooks 2018 will stop receiving critical security updates and not work with add-on services provided by Intuit after May 31, 2021. This holds true for all versions of QuickBooks Desktop including Pro, Premier, and Enterprise.

QuickBooks 2018 will continue to work, but you won’t be able to use it with add-on services including Payroll. Also, users won’t have the option to subscribe to live technical and customer support and any of the integratable services provided by Intuit.

Apart from the Desktop version of QuickBooks, a few other services are impacted by this discontinuation as well.

What to Do when QuickBooks 2018 is Discontinued?

There are two options that users retain at this moment.
To Continue or To Upgrade
If you aren’t using add-on services provided by Intuit, then you can continue using QuickBooks 2018. However, if you want integration with addon services including Payroll, then you must upgrade your version of QuickBooks.

Its better to switch to QuickBooks Cloud Hosting if user does,t want to go all time for upgrade process and data conversion after QB desktop expiration .

Which QuickBooks Version Should I Upgrade To?

The best option currently available to users is QuickBooks 2021. By upgrading to the latest edition, you get three years to simply use the accounting software with integrated services and live technical support. Moreover, user can Download QuickBooks USA 2021 edition or go for Canadian QuickBooks Download 2021 whenever the user can see the notification to upgrade in their dashboard.

Migration QB Pro,Premier , Enterprise 2018 To 2021

The process to Upgrade QuickBooks 2018 to QuickBooks 2021 is quite easy. To upgrade your accounting software, follow the steps provided below:

  1. From the Help menu, select Upgrade QuickBooks.
  2. Select Upgrade Now, and then the version of QuickBooks you want to upgrade to.
  3. Click on Upgrade now.
  4. In case you want to use the current version of QuickBooks, mark ‘Keep old version on my Computer’.
  5. Click on Let’s Go.
  6. After the upgrade process is complete, Install and Register your product. Moreover still user needs to follow all Instruction QuickBooks 2021 Installation carefully its be like first or fresh process.

Upgrade Tool Moving QB 2018 To QuickBooks 2021

The upgrade tool will automatically activate the new version of QuickBooks. However, in rare instances, if the upgrade tool fails to activate QuickBooks 2021, then you need to manually enter the product and license numbers to activate the product. The product and license numbers can be retrieved from either the registered email address or your Intuit account.

Now you can open the company file in QuickBooks 2021, and it will automatically be automated.

Intuit will stop providing live QuickBooks Technical Support through QuickBooks 2018 software from May 31, 2021. This can be a significant challenge for users who need to work with a lot of accounting data. Errors can substantially lower your productivity, so the best thing to do is to subscribe to a third party service provider for QuickBooks 2018 live support.

FAQs – Discontinuation Policy QB Desktop Pro,Premier , Enterprise 18

Will the QuickBooks Discontinuation Policy impact users who have a subscription of QuickBooks Desktop?

. If you purchased a subscription for QuickBooks Desktop rather than a one time license, then you can upgrade and activate the product for free. In this case, we recommend that you always upgrade your accounting software to the latest available version.

I am getting the error ‘QuickBooks Desktop has reached the expiration date and will no longer open company files’. How can I resolve this?

This QuickBooks Error isn’t related to QuickBooks Discontinuation Policy. To resolve this error, you need to reactivate the product or reinstall it.

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