QuickBooks Accountant File Transfer

How Do User Can Upload & Send Accountant File QuickBooks?

Use Accountant’s Copy File Transfer to send your QuickBooks Company File: Follow these steps to transfer your file to the Accountant.

Transferring QuickBooks Accountant's Copy

  1. Click on the File Menu and then select Accountant’s Copy.
  2. Here, you will find Client Activities, click on it and then select “Send to Accountant.”
  3. Now, make the confirmation that you are willing to send Accountant’s Copy and then press the Next Button.
  4. This is an important step. Here you need to select the Dividing Date. But before you do so, you have to make sure that you discuss it with your Accountant. Now, click on Next.
  5. Now, enter the credentials: E-mail Address of the Accountant, your name and the E-mail Address. Now, enter the E-mail Address of the accountant. Make sure you enter it twice for confirmation. This Email Address will be used by QuickBooks to send the Accountant’s Copy.
    1. Enter your Name. This is for the accountant so that he can know who can know the Accountant’s Copy.
    2. Now, enter the E-mail Address correctly. A Confirmation E-mail will be received when you upload the Accountant’s Copy on to the server.
  6. Here, you need to select the password so that the Accountant’s Copy can be password protected.
  7. This Accountant’s Copy will be used by the Accountant so that the copy can be accessed. Make sure that you share this password with your Accountant so that he can also access the copy. Make sure the password has limited special character otherwise QuickBooks Error will occur while opening this file. You need to make a strong password so that it can’t be guessed easily.
    1. It should have minimum 7 characters
    2. It should have minimum 1 number
    3. It should have minimum 1 upper-case
    4. It should have minimum 1 special characters
  8. This is an optional step, you can skip this step. However, we recommend you to follow the step as we are mentioning. You need to make a note in favour of your accountant. It will act like an instruction manual to access the password protected copy.
  9. Now, select the Send button.

An email that contains a link to download the Accountant’s Copy will be sent to your accountant. Then, she has to use the password that you created and only then the file will be accessed.

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  1. trying to figure out why qb wouldn’t let me delte the audit trail using desktop premier 2021, Premier Plus Prof Services Edition, yes, but I am actually not even 100% sure that is what I want to do. This issue arose when I was trying to send my accountant a copy of our company file, and I was getting an error. After research, it seems that maybe my file is too big, so I was looking into easy ways to reduce the file size., is there a way to set it to only delete the audit trail from 2 years ago and moving backwards?, and yes, I am at my computer, but when I go back to QB, this chat window disappears

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