QuickBooks Error 6189

QuickBooks Error Code 6189

QuickBooks Error code 6189 lists a series of error codes that occurs while opening a company file. When you are creating or opening a company file you might encounter the following errors codes: They are Error code -6189, -6189, -82, -6189, -77, -6189, -1005 and -6189, -85.

Reasons why the error 6189 crops up

Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error 6189
Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error 6189

The error can be caused due to several reasons. They are as follows:
There might be a mismatched transaction log file (.tlg)
Company file is damaged or corrupt
Limited or restricted permissions for the Windows user account, QBDataServiceUserXX
Opening a company file in the wrong version of QuickBooks Desktop

How to Fix QB Error Code 6189?

The reason for the error might be due to the QuickBooks Desktop version you are using. You need to update your QuickBooks version to the latest release and then try to create or open the company file. Despite of upgrading QuickBooks the problem persists, there are two solutions suggested by Intuit to resolve this issue. If the first solution does not work follow the second solution for best results.

Solution 1: Use QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

You can download and install QuickBooks File Doctor. Running the application will scan and diagnose your QuickBooks file to verify the cause of the error and fix it.

Solution 2: Resolve Manually -6189, XX (series error codes)

Rename the transaction log file (.tlg)
Verify the user permissions assigned to QBDataServiceUserXX for your version of QuickBooks
Ensure that the QuickBooks files are not encrypted
Copy the file to the desktop -> Open the file directly from desktop -> if it opens there could be folder damage where the QBW was saved
If log in is successful by the other users you will have to resolve the data damage
If log in other computer is not possible you can open a sample company file and restore a backup of your company file.

Help & Technical Support for Intuit Error Code 6189 Fixing

The solutions suggested by Intuit might not be successful at times. Or there may be queries if the QuickBooks File Doctor is not downloaded or installed properly. In such situations immediately contact QuickBooks USA support. Dial the support number that connects you to the support executives who are approachable through live chat and email support as well. Your problem is verified by experienced QuickBooks experts who provide resolution instantly.

In case you fail to connect with the support executives you can immediately contact QuickBooks Support to fetch expert resolution services from our in-house trained technicians who are available round the clock. We consider the urgency of our customers and assist their needs and requirements from our esteemed customers. We offer 24*7 services with complete resolution guarantee within stipulated time period. You can connect with through QuickBooks toll free number +1-800-301-4813 and converse with our customer support team who will diagnose the cause of your issue and provide feasible solution.

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