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List of All Types File Extension used in QuickBooks

There are close to forty QuickBooks File Extensions.

There are different extensions for everything from Loan Manager and Financial Statement Designs to Online Banking and Images. Even you can find file extension for LGB which stands for Little Green Box. This file contains encrypted information on user names and passwords.

QuickBooks® File Types and Extensions

Intuit QuickBooks Interchange File Format

The first five file extensions are used for holding transactions and data for a QB company file. Later is the file extensions to access or to store other types of data associated with QuickBooks.

QuickBooks File Extension List with Meaning

Extension Type of File Description
.QBW QuickBooks for Windows Company File This is the main file type for a QuickBooks company file. All of your data is entered into this file.
.QBB QuickBooks Backup File A backup file is a compressed file containing everything you need to recreate your company file and QuickBooks environment. Use a backup file to safeguard your QuickBooks files against accidental data loss. When you create a backup, QuickBooks starts a log of transactions (.TLG) that you have entered since the last time you backed up. To open a .QBB file, go to the File menu and click Restore. Double-clicking the file and choosing Open from the File menu will not restore or open a backup file.
.QBM QuickBooks Portable Company File This is a compressed file that contains all of the data of a QuickBooks company file, but not the database indexing, so it is much smaller than the .QBW or .QBB files. It is useful for transferring data through the Internet because the data file size is much smaller than any of the other file types and it can be restored to the full .QBW on the receiving end. Know how to Create & Restore a QuikcBooks Potable File
.QBX Accountant’s Copy (Export File) This is also a compressed file format and it is used specifically for transferring a file from an end user (client) to an accountant for review. This includes a Dividing Date which prevents the client from creating transactions on or before this date.
.QBA Accountant’s Copy (Working copy) When the accountant opens a .QBX file they must restore and convert it to a .QBA file in order to enter transactions and run reports.
.QBW.TLG Transaction Log File for QuickBooks company file When you backup a company file, QuickBooks starts a log of transaction that you have entered since the last backup. In case of accidental loss of data, Intuit Technical Support can use your most recent backup in conjunction with the transaction log file to recover your data. This log file is also used if you sync your QuickBooks data with certain online services using Intuit Sync Manager. This allows ongoing syncs to happen much more quickly than the initial full upload of QuickBooks data into your online service.
.QBA.TLG Transaction Log File for Accountant’s Copy When you backup an Accountant’s review copy, QuickBooks® starts a log of transaction that you have entered since the last backup. In case of accidental loss of data, Intuit Technical Support can use your most recent backup in conjunction with the transaction log file to recover your data.
.QBY Accountant’s Copy (Import File) When you (the Accountant/Consultant) are finished making changes in an Accountant’s Copy, you provide the client with a .QBY file to be imported into their company file.
.IIF Intuit Interchange Format file You can import and export lists and/or transactions using text files with an .IIF extension.
.ND QuickBooks Network Data file A configuration file that allows access to the QuickBooks company file.
.DES Form Design Template file This file type is created when you export a form design from the templates list.

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  1. I received a .qby file, i worked on the file, and now i need to returnt he file in the same format, how can i check what year, accountant desktop 2022, i need to send a .qby

  2. I am following the instructions to Open QBB File Without QB using Excel. Step 3…My Excel file doesn’t show an Import tab., It is probably older than either of those. We sold our company in 2019 and have a complete saved file on our hard drive. I cannot get it opened., My state is now wanting to audit a few of our accounts., I don’t know which version it is. I am sure it is older than whatever would have been available in 2018.

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