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What is Intuit Quickbooks Pay Stubs

QuickBooks is an amazing finance management software that is developed with a purpose to escalate the growth of the small and medium sized industries. The software performs excellently in managing the finance of the businesses of all sectors and sizes. The QuickBooks software is compatible in integrating payroll as a part of its functionality. With this you are able to track and manage the payroll of your company by logging in to the program. With the printing a pay stub feature along with the paycheck of the employees helps to track information related to his salary like total pending vacation hours. It also helps in the form of physical record of his paycheck amount and date. You can use the Payroll Printing Preferences in QuickBooks to create pay stubs with all the detailed information that you want to pass on to your employees to.

How to Create Pay Stub with QuickBooks

Print Pay Stubs from QuickBooks Desktop File menu
Print Pay Stubs from QuickBooks Desktop File menu

There are certain steps recommended to create Pay Stub successfully. The steps are as follows:

🔀 After installation launch QuickBooks in the hosting computer.

🔀 Go to the menu bar click Edit.

🔀 Choose Preferences from the drop-down menu -> Open the Preferences window.

🔀 Click Payroll and Employees in the column on the left side of the window.

🔀 Click the Company Preferences -> Click the Full Payroll check box in the “QuickBooks Payroll Features” section.

🔀 Click the “Pay Stub and Voucher Printing” button in the “Set Preferences For” section. The Payroll Printing Preferences window opens.

🔀 Enter tick mark in the check boxes next to items that you want to include on the pay stub in the “On Paycheck Vouchers and Pay Stubs, Print” section.
For instance click the Legal Company Name check box in case you want the name of the company to include on the pay stub.

🔀 Once you have selected all the items -> Click OK.

🔀 Then click OK on the Preferences window. A pay stub with the selected information will automatically print with each paycheck.

How to Print pay stubs in QuickBooks

If you want to print one or more pay stubs for a specific employee follow the steps mentioned below:

🔵 Go to the navigation bar
🔵 In the left side select Employees
🔵 Click the name of the employee to pay
🔵 Click Paycheck list going to the employee’s page
🔵 Choose the checks to pay
🔵 Enter the check numbers if applicable
🔵 Click the Batch Action drop-down arrow
🔵 Choose Print option

How to print pay stubs once you have successfully submitted your payroll

In case you need to submit the paychecks and immediately print pay stubs follow the below steps:

🔰 Go to the payroll confirmation page
🔰 Enter your first check number in the series or else you can skip this step
🔰 Click Print paychecks to open the PDF in a new tab
🔰 Click in the pay stub PDF -> select Print
In case you need to print your checks or pay stubs after sometime you can run the Paycheck list report. You can also print a check or pay stub for a particular employee from the Employees list.

Common Problem, Issues , Error Using QuickBooks Paystubs

Below are the most common issues and problem user often facing while creating QuickBooks Pay Stubs, users can go QuickBooks US Support for getting help for the following issues mentioned below.

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Help Support for Intuit QB Pay Stubs

For further detailed information or any query related to QuickBooks pay stub you can contact QuickBooks support Phone Number. The support team can be approached through toll free phone number, email support or live chat option. Alternatively, you can choose to connect with the third party QB consulting agencies that hire experts QuickBooks professionals who are proficient in handling all the QB queries and issues reported by the users. They assure complete resolution in a very short wait time.

Call to the toll free phone support number 📞 +1-800-301-4813 and garner the best QuickBooks assistance services.

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  1. I’m trying to correct an error in a paycheck, the payroll was completed properly in QB however, the bank shorted the deposit by $80 using QB desktop pro 2020

  2. I am in the process of setting up ACH bill pay through our bank. I’m trying to find an efficient way to email a bill pay stub to our vendors. The only thing I have found is in Print Forms – Bill Payment Stubs, from which I have to save each payment as a PDF then go back and email them all individually. Not really saving much time with that whole cumbersome process. Is there a better way?? We have QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 21.0

  3. I am using QB and I need to add the vendor name on the direct deposit payment stub. it is just showing the vendor’s address. I am using QB enterprise 2018

  4. Our employees are unable to open their emailed paystubs with the standard password – first 4 digits of last name followed by last 4 digits of SSN using 2021

  5. what is the password for an employee to open their paystub. using Desktop Pro 2019, My employees each have to enter a password to see their paystub. I have a new employee and she can’t open it with out putting in a password. Are you saying she has to use the password that I open My Quickbooks program with., one of my other employees says she enters the first four letters of her last name and the last four digits of SS #., I’m not trying to get into my Quickbooks program. I did payroll and I email them their paystubs and to view their stub, they need to enter a password.

  6. I have been sending paystubs biweekly throughout 2021 to employee portals. I’m wondering what I need to do to get 2021 W2s out to the portals.

  7. When I try to email my employees paystubs to them through quickbooks, I get this message: “Your payroll was processed successfully, but Quickbooks could not send some employee paystubs.”

  8. I have QB 2021 pro Desktop with payroll. I am trying to email my paystubs and when it asks me to enter the password for my email address is say invalid password but I know its valid. its a yahoo email address

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