QuickBooks POS Workstation Won’t Connect


QuickBooks Unable To Connect Workstation

QuickBooks problem connecting the workstation:

when you are using QuickBooks Desktop point of sale. There might occur several errors sometime while communicating client workstation or connecting with the server. Team of MyOnePro is rounded up with effective troubleshooting guidance to rectify QuickBook’s problem connecting the workstation. This error occurs when you try to access a company file saved across the network. The major reason for this issue is when the QBCF monitor service executes on a workstation that is not hosting[ Learn about QuickBooks Hosting ] the company file. However, there are many other errors associated with it; let us delve into detail.

Why Workstation Not Connecting QuickBooks Error ?

QuickBooks Client Not Connecting To Server Error Screen
QuickBooks Client Not Connecting To Server Error Screen
Why is this issue happening?
Also first user need to check Why QuickBooks POS Not Connecting To Server which gives the clue about this issue .
It may be caused by one of the following reasons:

  • An outdated program upgrade
  • A point of Sale trial version was installed on the system
  • Corrupted files in an entitlement client folder
  • Firewall issues blocks opening of Point of Sale
  • The server is running in multi-user mode
  • Network connection problems
  • Improper configuration of folder permission and network sharing issue

Also, QuickBooks POS Support team will make easy POS software setup on serving and client machine for you.

Fix QuickBooks Workstation Can’t Connect Issue

How to troubleshoot QuickBooks’ problem while connecting the workstation?

First Solution-Execute the Quick Fix my program through QuickBooks Tool Hub:

QuickBooks Tools Hub is used to resolve common errors. Follow the below instructions to do this:

Step 1-Download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub:

  • Firstly close QuickBooks
  • According to the preferred version of QuickBooks, download the tool and then save it on the easily accessible location
  • Once you downloaded the QuickBooks ToolHub.exe file, then you have to follow on-screen instructions for installation
  • Complete the install process then you need to double click on the icon appearing on the Windows Desktop to start accessing the tool hub
QuickBooks Workstation Not Connecting To Server Error Screen
QuickBooks Workstation Not Connecting To Server Error Screen

Moreover check out what you can do when QuickBooks POS Database Server Not Found issue comes .

Step 2- Execute Quick fix my program:

To do this, here are the steps:

  • Discover QuickBooks Tools Hub and then click on Program Problems
  • Choose Quick Fix my program
  • Now start your QuickBooks and open the data file

Step 3- Verify QBCF monitor service blocking restart of workstation:

  • Open the run window through the Windows+R button of the keyboard
  • Write service.msc and then click OK
  • Scroll down to view the list and find QBCFMonitorService and then choose it to open the properties
  • Select Disabled as Startup type
  • Click on Apply and then Hit on OK

QB POS Client Server Connection Problem Solution

Solution second: Delete corrupted content of Entitlement client folder:

Here are the steps:

  • Go to Windows Start option and do a right-click on it
  • Choose Open Windows Explorer
  • Click on Computer located on the left side of the window
  • Locate the entitlement client folder by following C:\Program Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8.0
  • Do a right-click and then choose Delete
  • Hit on Yes to confirm. Repeat the process for each extra file.
  • Close the window and check the problem is fixed or not.

Troubleshooting Multi-user Issue QuickBooks Point Of Sale

Solution third: Fix hosting issues on the workstations:

Ensure that the Host Multi-User Access feature is turned on the workstations; These are the systems connected to the network that does not host the company file. In this, only the server must perform hosting. To do this, follow the given steps:

  • Access one of the workstations and open QuickBooks on it
  • Choose the file option and then click on Utilities without an opening company file
  • Check if there is a Host Multi-User Access feature listed there without being choosing it, proceed with the next workstation to verify whether it is creating an issue
  • If found Stop Hosting Multi-User Access button, then click on it

After verifying all the workstations, now check your server system and then reset the hosting settings. Here are the steps:

  • Open the Server system and then Start QuickBooks
  • Locate File option and then hit on Utilities
  • Click on Host Multi-user Assess if there
  • Hit on Stop Hosting Multi-user Access to reset the muli-user mode
  • Repeat this process and then choose Host Multi-User Access.

QBPOS Client Lost QB Company File Connection

Solution fourth-Verify Firewall Settings:

Check the configuration of the firewall setting, which might block the connection. Follow the steps:

  • Locate the Windows Start option
  • Write Windows Firewall into the search field
  • Press enter it will display Windows Firewall
  • Click on Advanced setting
  • Do a right-click on Inbound Rules and then click on New Rule
  • Hit on Port then click Next
  • Ensure that TCP is chosen
  • Write the specific ports required according to the version
  • After this, fill the port number and then hit on Next option
  • Create a rule and specify a name
  • Once finish then Click Finish

Support For QuickBooks Server -Clinet Connection Issues

We hope the above guide on QuickBooks Server Connection Error assisted you in resolving it. If the solutions doesn’t sort out your issue, then without hesitating, give a ring to +1.800.301.4813 MyOnePro toll free number. QuickBooks Errors are uncertain have several reasons; we assure you the expert team will address each type of issue and provide you better assistance in time. Use a live chat option to take advantage of getting instant answers to your doubts. Meanwhile, you can drop an email; the team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

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