How to Resolve Email Issue with QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is one such software that has garnered quite a lot of appreciation and popularity in the business world, especially from that of small and medium sized business and organization. Its innovative design combined with top technology has resulted in such unique software which is both user-friendly for novice computer users and totally professional at the same time. This dual combination of two opposing qualities has definitely helped in taking the software to its current position in the heart of every individual and business.

Quickbooks Email Sending Problem With Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail or Any Email Client

QuickBooks also consist of many advantages like direct printing from software itself, you do not need to download the file to print it. You can access it from anywhere and at anytime, if you are using QuickBooks online version. Direct email to your customers, debtors, and clients from QuickBooks only. However at times you might end up encountering errors and problems with your software.

One of the most common issues encountered by users all over the world is problem in sending emails from QuickBooks. This issue can be easily and swiftly resolved by calling the support for QuickBooks and relaying your issue in detail to them. But the important thing is to know which area of QuickBooks is causing this issue and why. Once you know reason behind the problem you can effectively resolve the issue on your own.

Suppose the problem is that you the forms you wish to send are not being sent in time or not at all. First you need to know that sending forms with QuickBooks is a two step procedure:

QuickBooks will start this process by converting and saving your form in PDF file.

Now it will attach the file in the email and send it with cover note.

If the PDF file is very heavy, that is, it contains images, formatting, graphics etc, apart from the elements that was inserted at time of conversion of the form, it will slow down the process of sending the file. To tackle this problem, ensure the file is below the range of 25,000 MB. Another reason for this slowness in sending could be the speed of your computer. Check and clean your computer system so as to get much faster speed.

An Error Occurred While Sending Quickbooks Email

If the above two reasons are not the cause of your email issue, you should immediately get in touch with the customer care department of QuickBooks. However, at times you are in emergency and need instant response for your issues. In this scenario you try support agencies like QuickBooks247 and get expert advice and solution from Intuit certified ProAdvisors. All you have to do is call on their toll free number ☎ +1-800-301-4813

to get in touch with the highly experienced support professionals.