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How to Setup Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Payroll?

With direct deposit feature in QuickBooks Payroll, you can easily create & send a paycheck within the same company file. You could face data loss of the company file while sending paychecks.

Direct Deposit of Set-up of an Employee:
The following steps works for Both QuickBooks Payroll 2020 and Intuit QuickBooks 2019 Payroll , So check your version first

  • Select Employees and then select the Employee Centre and then click on the Employee list.
  • Now, select the Employee’s Name
  • Then, select the Payroll Info Tab.
  • Now, select Direct Deposit button.
  • Then open Direct Deposit Window and then select Employee’s Name in the Direct Deposit
  • Now, check requirement (if you want to open paycheck with one account or more than one)
  • Enter details of the employee of your company (Name, bank name, account no., account type and routing no.)
  • For two accounts in paycheck deposit, enter the amount and the percentage that you want to deposit in the first account. The second will automatically get the remaining percentage.
  • Then select OK. The information will automatically save.
  • Then enter the direct deposit pin

The next paycheck that is created for employees will automatically be marked direct deposit. Delete and recreate the paycheck that has been created buy has not yet been sent. For a wrong bank account in direct deposit, you can use direct deposit to spot, open and remove the paycheck from it. QuickBooks MAC Payroll user might seen some different option on their screen .

Next to the direct deposit, you will see the checkmark box. Add information and select the direct deposit. For the service that has already been sent, you can’t add the direct deposit again for the same.

Edit , Modify , Cancel Direct Deposit QB

Edit direct deposit information of the employee:

You can easily update the employee’s direct deposit information on the same page.

You need to enter the Direct Deposit Pin here, enter the pin

  • Create the employee’s paycheck by editing back account information
  • For the older paychecks (created by account information update), the settlement would automatically be deposited and reflected in the older bank account.
  • However, in general sense, you need to avoid this. First of all, delete paycheck, recreate it and then send paycheck to QuickBooks.

There is one more way to do the same:

  • Open paycheck and then visit paycheck screen
  • Now, go to your paycheck details, de-select direct deposit option and then select Save → Save & Close.
  • Once again open paycheck and then click on the direct deposit button. Make sure that you save it properly.

Employee’s profit shouldn’t be reflected with the direct deposit

For an employee that you don’t want to pay for the direct deposit, they can easily be removed from the setup.

  • Select Employees and then select Employees Center.
  • Now, to edit the profile of the employee, double-click on the employee’s name.
  • Now, to open the payroll information, select the payroll tab.
  • Select the direct deposit button and then select the employees’ direct deposit button.

Help For QuickBooks Desktop Direct Deposit Issues

MyOnePro have an advanced assistance mechanism that you can avail yourself of any time by connecting with us via any mode of connectivity that we have made available for you. To connect with QuickBooks Support Number, call MyOnePro on our all-time available Toll-Free Number Toll-Free +1800.301.4813 or you can connect with MyOnePro via QB Support Email Id . We are also available through Live Chat Support. It is available at the down-right corner of the website.

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