QuickBooks Keeps Crashing

QuickBooks Crashed What Should I Do ?

Are you getting QuickBooks keeps crashing issue ? today and looking for solution , which is a regular occurrence while working with the program. QuickBooks Desktop often crashes when the company or installation file is damaged . This may cause your company’s workflow to slow down. QuickBooks Keeps Crashing may occur as a result of sending an email, submitting an invoice, or browsing the company file, among other things. QuickBooks users often experience interruptions as a result of the software’s inability to function correctly. MyOnePro open discusses the causes and solutions for Quickbooks crashes and what should do when QuickBooks Has Stopped Working .

QuickBooks Crashes When Opening Company File

QuickBooks Crashes When Opening Company File

Causes And Reason QuickBooks Crashes Issue

Why does QuickBooks continue to crash, and what are the causes?

Users often experience inconvenience as a result of QuickBooks software’s frequent crashes. Although the reason QuickBooks continues crashing is unknown, there are several possible causes.

  • It is possible to repair a damaged QuickBooks Company File.
  • There is an issue with the installation of the QuickBooks program.
  • The damaged directory in which the company’s files are stored
  • QuickBooks Corrupted due to data damages

How To Resolve QB Crash Issue , Problem

What is the primary action that must be taken prior to fixing the issue ?

Before fixing the issue, You Must Create a Backup of Your companies Data , learn How To Backup QuickBooks Data in easy steps .

If the troubleshooting approach is unsuccessful, you may restore all of your data from a company file backup. Moreover what user can do when Can’t Restore QuickBooks From Backup problem comes .

  • QuickBooks may be opened simply by double-clicking on it.
  • From the main menu, choose File > Backup Company > Create Local Backup.
  • Complete the on-screen instructions to create a backup of your company’s data.

What Can Be Done If QuickBooks Continues To Crash?

QuickBooks continues crashing, and here are some suggestions for resolving the issue.

Restart QuickBooks Program

Method 1 : Restart the QuickBooks desktop:

QuickBooks Desktop may be unavailable. QuickBooks Desktop should be shut down and then relaunched after the update is complete.

  • Double-click the QuickBooks desktop icon while simultaneously holding the Ctrl+Shift keys on your keyboard.
  • It is advised that you release them until QuickBooks is open on your PC.
  • A pop-up window will appear stating “No Company Open.”

Update QuickBooks To Latest Version

Method 2: QuickBooks Desktop requires updating.
Once you’ve completed the first step, continue with the instructions below.

  1. The first step is to go to the Help section.
  2. Then click on QuickBooks Desktop Update.
  3. Click the Update Now button in the top right corner.
  4. Following that, choose Get Updates and ensure that the Reset Update check box is selected.
  5. After the update is complete, turn off QuickBooks.

MyOnePro explains the process you need to follow whenever you are to Download QuickBooks Update and then go for installation .

Use QuickBooks Tool Hub

Method 3: Consider Quick Fix My Program to get started.
To get my program running again, follow the instructions outlined below.

  1. You must first download and install the QuickBooks Tool Hub before you can use it.
  2. Proceed to the following step after the programme is completely installed.
  3. Select the Quick Fix My Program option from the Program Problems menu.
  4. The software may take some time to begin working.
  5. Restart QuickBooks Desktop after the installation is complete.

Also QuickBooks Component Repair Tool is another program you can use free for repairing .

Repair QuickBooks Desktop

Method 4: Repair the QuickBooks Desktop.
To repair QuickBooks Desktop, follow the procedures below.

  1. By hitting the Windows key and the R key simultaneously, you may access the Run command.
  2. Then, on your keyboard, type Control.
  3. Hit the OK key.
  4. From the main menu bar, choose Programs and Features.
  5. Now, from the selection, pick QuickBooks Desktop first.
  6. From the context menu, choose Uninstall.
  7. Select Yes when requested.
  8. Select repair by tapping Next.
  9. Following the selection of Repair, click Next.
  10. If you get a Files in use window, click OK.
  11. Then pick the option to automatically terminate and restart the program.
  12. QuickBooks repair may take some time.
  13. Once the repair is complete, click Finish to bring the operation to a close.

Run QuickBooks File Doctor

Method 5: Download and Run QuickBooks File Doctor

  1. The QuickBooks File Doctor is available for download.

QuickBooks Tool Hub enables you to address the following frequent issues encountered when using the software:

  1. To begin, download and save the QuickBooks Tool Hub file to your company.
  2. Then, double-click the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file to run it.
  3. Install by following the on-screen instructions and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  4. Once it is complete, double-click the Tool Hub icon to access it.
  5. After that, click on the Company File Issues tab.
  6. Following that, choose the Run QB File Doctor option.
  7. It may take a few moments to open.
  8. Additionally, from the drop-down option, pick the company file.
  9. Proceed by clicking on Check your file>Continue.
  10. Finally, enter your QuickBooks administrator password and click Next.
  1. How to Run QuickBooks File Doctor Using a Step-by-Step Guide

The instructions below will walk you through the process of running a quickbooks file doctor.

  • To begin, enter the tools hub and go to the option for Company File Issues.
  • Then choose Run QBFD.
  • There, you must choose the appropriate company file and click proceed.
  • Finally, input your QuickBooks administrator login and password.
  • Click Next.
  • The preceding procedure may take 3-5 minutes to fix file damage and network difficulties, depending on the file size.
  • After the file doctor has completed processing your company file, you must restart QuickBooks and open it.

Important: Depending on the size of the company file, there may be some delay while the scanning process begins. After the scan is complete, your issue is resolved. If the issue remains unresolved, please follow the procedures below.

Manual Backup QB Data

Method 6: Manually backup your company file

Below are the steps which will help you to manually take a backup of your company file.

  1. Select Switch to Single-user Mode from the File menu in QuickBooks.
  2. Return to the File menu and hover your cursor over Back up Company.
  3. After that, click Create Local Backup.
  4. Select Local Backup and click Next in the window.
  5. Select Browse in the Local Backup Only option.
  6. Go to the location where you want to store your backup company file.
  7. Configure the number of backups you want to retain.
  8. This performs a check to ensure that your backup file is in excellent condition prior to saving.
  9. When you’re finished, click OK.
  10. Choose Save it now and then Next.

QuickBooks automatically builds a backup company file. When it is complete, you will get a confirmation message. Also you can do the following steps when QuickBooks Unable To Backup Company File .

Download QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Method 7: QuickBooks Database Server Manager should be downloaded to your computer and installed.

Step 1: Database Server Manager – Download

Database Server Manager is included with all versions of QuickBase Desktop (Pro, Premier, and Enterprise). As a result, when you download QuickBooks Desktop, you also download QuickBooks Server Manager. Additionally, you may install QuickBooks Desktop by following the procedures given below.

  • To begin, download QuickBooks Desktop from the QuickBooks Product Download Page.
  • Store it to a place that is readily accessible.
  • Then, launch the QuickBooks.exe file that was downloaded.
  • Agree to the software License Agreement.
  • Continue by clicking Next and entering the Product and License Numbers.
  • Following that, choose an installation method from the following options: Express, Custom, or Network.
  • Finally, you’re going to want to Activate and Update QuickBooks Desktop.


Step 2:Configure the database server manager

QuickBooks Database Server Manager must be installed on the PC that hosts your company’s files.

Important: If you host several versions of QuickBooks Desktop on your network, you must install them in a certain sequence, starting with the oldest version and ending with the most current.

  • To begin, shut down any apps running on your server PC.
  • Then, look for the Setup QuickBooks.exe file.
  • Follow the installation instructions that appear on-screen.
  • When prompted, choose Custom or Network as the installation type.
  • Now, without choosing Express, click Next.
  • Following that, choose the optimal network configuration choice.
  • Click Next.
  • Both of these choices include the installation of the Database Server Manager.
  • QuickBooks Desktop will not erase any current Company information on your server machine if you install it.
  • For individuals who want to run both Database Server Manager and QuickBooks Desktop on the server computer, pick the option: “I will run both Database Server Manager and QuickBooks Desktop on this computer.”
  • Select the option: “I will NOT be utilizing QuickBooks Desktop on my server machine if you simply want a Database Server Manager.”
  • Finally, follow the on-screen prompts and click Install.

Update Windows OS

Method 8: Install the most current Windows version.

The following steps apply to Windows 8 and subsequent versions. The Windows update process may take some time to finish.

  • To install the update immediately, choose Start.
  • Then go to Settings.
  • Then tap on Update & Security
  • Go Windows Update, followed by Check for updates.
  • Install any available updates.

Method 9: QuickBooks can be completely uninstalled and then reinstalled.
If you have difficulties uninstalling QuickBooks, there may be an issue with your computer.


Step 1: Uninstall QuickBooks

  1. To begin, go to the Windows Start menu.
  2. Conduct a search for “Control Panel”.
  3. Then open it.
  4. Select Programs and Features or Programs and Features.
  5. Select the QuickBooks Desktop version you want to remove from the list of apps.
  6. Uninstall/Change is the first option, followed by Remove.
  7. Choose Next.
  8. If you do not see this option, sign out of Windows.
  9. Then sign back in as an administrator (or a user with admin rights).

Install QB From CD/ DVD

Step 2: Reinstall QuickBooks using a CD.
You may get the installation package for QuickBooks from the Intuit website if you bought it there.
Immediately after downloading, open the setup. Reinstalling QuickBooks will need you to enter your Licence and Product Number, which may be found on your CD box or your online purchase confirmation email. Click Next after the Install Shield Manager Wizard has been installed

  1. Enter the next page by using the Continue button.
  2. Click Next once you’ve agreed to the terms of the licensing agreements.
  3. Afterwards, you’ll be prompted to enter your license and product number.
  4. Go to the next step by submitting your license number and product code.
  5. For your installation type, it’s recommended to go with the one that comes preinstalled with the software.
  6. QuickBooks will begin to install on your computer as soon as you click Next.
  7. Then click Install.
  8. Once you’ve successfully installed QuickBooks desktop, click Open QuickBooks to begin using it.

Step 3: Reinstall QuickBooks using the downloaded file
The following ideas will assist you with reinstalling QuickBooks Desktop. Kindly follow the instructions outlined below:
To begin, you must download and install QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020.
After the download is complete, let’s begin installing your software:

  1. Open the downloaded file (QuickBooks.exe).
  2.   Follow the on-screen directions. Select Next after accepting the software license agreement.
  3. Enter your Product and License numbers in the appropriate fields.
  4.   If you do not have your license number and product number on hand.
  5. Use the procedures outlined in this link to locate your licensing information.
  6. Then choose Next.
  7. Choose the installation method that is best for you.

Unable To Resolve QuickBooks Crashes Problem

In the above article, you get to know the details about why Quickbooks Keeps crashing. The issues and fixes are mentioned above. If you follow the steps above, you will surely resolve the issue. If you still face any issue,  Please contact the QuickBooks USA Support team if any of the above procedures don’t fix your QuickBooks desktop issue. The team will sort your issue or any QuickBooks Error Code and will give you a proper solution for it.

FAQs : QuickBooks Crashed On Windows 11, 10, 8 Or MAC OS

What Are My Options For Uninstalling And Reinstalling Quickbooks Desktop If It Keeps Crashing ?

  1. QuickBooks is not responding as a consequence of a problem with your computer.
  2. QuickBooks has ceased operations or has failed
  3. Third-party applications may have damaged the QuickBooks installation on your computer.
  4. The hard disc in your computer is failing and must be replaced.

Why Does The Quickbooks Tool Hub Assist In Preventing Quickbooks Crashes ?

The Quickbooks Hub program includes all of the other QuickBooks capabilities. It includes tools such as the Doctor, the Condense Data Tool, the QuickBooks PDF and Print Repair Tool, and others that are required to resolve the many QuickBooks difficulties. The QuickBooks Tool Hub has a number of tools that may be used to troubleshoot and fix software-related problems. The QuickBooks tool center prevents the software from crashing and assists in the resolution of bugs and other difficulties.

What Are A Few Other Reasons QuickBooks Continue To Crash ?

  1. There is an extension, driver, or adware that has infiltrated the program area of QuickBooks Mac.
  2. Data that is incorrect or corrupt.
  3. The corrupted data might have arrived as a result of an outdated version, a power outage, or another issue.
  4. It is not required for the older version to be on the same platform as the newer version.
  5. QuickBooks crashes when upgrading to the newest version and trying to access company files.
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