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Printable Bank Deposit Slips In QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the top regarded accounting software that is especially developed for the upliftment of the small and med sized businesses. The software comprise of so many advanced features and tools that has helped in the business growth. Out of numerous powerful features, QuickBooks Deposit Slips is one of them. You can easily prepare deposits easily with Intuit Bank Deposit Slips. You have to order the quick-and-easy printable deposit slips or the manual deposit slips you fill out by hand. Also a number of Customize QuickBooks Templates are available with company logo and other branding.

Advantages of Using Deposit Slips In QB Desktop

 QB Deposit Slip Setup & Print Help
QB Deposit Slip Setup & Print Help


  • You can create and print deposit slips directly from QuickBooks. You do not have to manually enter the business deposit slips by hand.
  • The information that already in QuickBooks is used to efficiently print deposit slips.
  • The accuracy of records is enhanced. You avoid double entry errors and can print your own deposit slips.
  • The printed deposit slips comprise a deposit summary stub that make record-keeping easy.
  • It can record up to 18 entries per slip.

Types of Deposit Slips:

  • Printable QuickBooks Deposit Slips: These deposit slips wipe out the double entry requirements. You can print deposit slips directly from QuickBooks with information that is already mentioned during the time of registration.
  • Manual Deposit Slips:These deposit slips saves time by entering up to 18 entries on each deposit slips. These slips are available with 2 or 3 carbonless duplicates that helps in simple and easy record keeping.
  • Bank Deposit Bags – Disposable and Convenient: With the help of the QuickBooks deposit bags you knock out the bank visits for costly lock bags.

Also MyOnePro team posted earlier all you know about Quickbooks Report Customization which help more for your business accounting.

What Is The Size Of QB Deposit Slips For Printing?

Specifications of Printable Deposit Slips

  • Size: 8 1/2″(w) x 11″(l)
  • Compatibility: All QuickBooks Desktop versions supported, QuickBooks for Macintosh 2007 and higher
  • Item #’s: 1021, 7196, 3461

How To Print A Deposit Slip in QuickBooks?

  • Click on the plus (+) icon -> select Bank Deposit.
  • The Deposit form is displayed
  • Choose existing payments that are marked as undeposited and later you want to include.
  • Add any new deposits.
  • Go to the bottom of the form and click Print.
  • Choose Print a deposit slip and summary.

Deposit Slips Setup or Print Support From MyOnePro

There is change issue may arise when doing setup for deposit slips or its may be happen that setup is perfect, but there is an issue for data element or placing data on deposit slips just ring MyOnePro for QuickBooks Support and ask for the help on toll free phone Number +1-800-301-4813 .The issue sometime some user facing due to the bank data format, it happen that Bank having more field to print, which are not available in preformed deposit slips are deposit slips have more fields to print. Also small business unable to resolve the alignment related problem. If you are looking for Manual Deposit Slips in QB discuss with the experts in QuickBooks Live Chat. Also in case want to check compatibility or vent system compatible Deposit Slips just connect with em>MyOnePro team. We help you in all matter user might face On Windows, MAC, Linux, Fedora or any other OS while setting up deposit slips QB Desktop.

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  1. A customer deposit was entered twice. How can I get rid of one but not mess up the accounting from a prior year? using Enterprise Contractor 21

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